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Sergio | Owner/Optician

Sergio Barinov, originally from Russia, resides locally in the Bay Area. He has an excess of 20 years of professional optical and custom service experience. He is articulate and knowledgeable. His finish touches to repaors are what we at Spectek emphasize pure “European Craftsmanship”! Sergio, most importantly, is honest and has an understanding of fashion when it comes to frame styling. He is said to be the “BEST” in the Bay Area! (And is prone to adjusting the glasses of strangers in the grocery store)


Rey | Owner/Optician

Rey Pautin is a Bay Area resident with over 20 years of professional optical experience and is one of the two skilled technicians/licensed opticians at Spectek. He is artistic, analytical, and a perfectionist. He views his repairs as a work of art. From broken antiques to the most fashionable and expensive eyewear, Rey is knows as the “Miracle Man”. He anticipates having a new challenge each day!


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Spectek Eyewear was established in 2000. We are now 14 years strong and have been tested through many different challenges regarding eyewear repair. We’ve restored frames which have “sentimental” and saved money for customers who care not to spend hundreds of dollars for a new pair! Inspired by European craftsmanship, Spectek continues to provide their valued customers with high quality eyewear repairs and product knowledge.