It’s simple. DOWNLOAD and PRINT the Mail-In Repair form and then fill it out, package up your frames and send them to us! Our turn-around is fast and we’ll ship them back saving you time and money.


We at Spec Tek realize that you need to be informed about your options when it comes to repairs. We stand by our work and guarantee your satisfaction with the finished product. We also know that you may have some questions that you’d like answered before you choose to work with us. We’ve provided below a short list of Frequently Asked Questions so that you can better understand us and our expertise. And then, when you decide to come in, you’ll be happy that you did and a customer for life.

You have asked the right people! This is one of our specialties here at Spectek, and we’re even recognized for this procedure. We shave down the original build- up nose pads and polish your frame to a like-new finish. Most importantly, we apply adjustable nose Pad Arms, by means of drilling them onto the frame, unlike other shops where they damage and melt the Pad Arms onto your frame.
A general repair typically takes between 15 to 30 minutes. However, it would be best for us to evaluate your repair in person before promising any estimated completion time. For mail in repairs, please refer to our 3-Step Mail-In Repair System section.
Typically a repair can last for years depending on the owner’s care. We weld the broken piece(s) and touch up the frame to a like new finish. At Spectek, we avoid any temporary repairs. Our goal is to save you time and money.
We will take great care of the frame to the best of our ability. Yet, please understand that a repair is a repair, and with the use of high temperatures, slight discoloration could and often does occur. None the less, we touch up the frame to a like-new condition. Often, the repair is so good that you wouldn’t even notice that a repair had been made!
In most cases yes! But you should be aware that some lenses may be too old or the Anti- Reflective coating might have been improperly placed on the lenses. As a result, different lenses may react differently to this procedure and may in fact turn out worse than they already are.
We repair most metals and plastics, including your ever so popular titanium eyeglass frames.
Please call us at 650-366-2610 or send glasses to us (follow Mail in instruction) Upon receipt of your eyewear, (provided you have given us correct contact information), we will contact you and provide you with details of what repairs will be required and the estimated cost of those repairs.